Today Tara, Janet, and I were happy to be joined in Newark by Tony Perry of Senator Joe Kyrillos' office at the NJT meeting. Tony delivered a very strong statement on behalf of Senator Kyrillos, reminding the Board of the comments made by their own ex-chairman Bruce Meisel about this project after he saw the route firsthand : "It’s a money grab project that puts the interests of JCP&L over the residents and ratepayers of Monmouth County. This is the most unworthy project that I have seen in my entire history of practicing law,” he said.

Tony then extended another site visit invitation to the Board members who did not come down the first time, urging them to see it with their own eyes. At the end of his statement, Tony was extremely complimentary of all of RAGE's efforts and impact for the past year. Thank you Tony, for your and Senator Kyrillos' ongoing support of RAGE and Monmouth County! (I will post the link to the video recording of the meeting once NJT posts it on their site.)

Janet, Tara, and I also made public statements to the board. (I copied and pasted mine into the Comments if you want to read it -- Janet Berk, Tara Corcoran-Clark, please feel free to do the same!)

I don't expect NJT to save the day. I'm done holding my breath on that one. BUT -- if god forbid the BPU approves this damn project, then NJT is where the spotlight turns. Because even if the BPU says yes, the project can't be built without NJT's approval (and NJT can't be eminent-domain'ed). And so, just in case things don't go our way at the BPU, we've tried to keep all our irons in the fire and kept NJT aware of us and of the reality of First Energy's financial motivation for this project, even while we are primarily focused on the OAL legal case. There hasn't been a single NJT board meeting since last summer that RAGE hasn't attended and spoken at. (BTW, Kin K. Gee, several people noted your absence and told us to say hi!)

Thank you to Tony Perry and Senator Joe Kyrillos for keeping this issue at the top of your list. We're not done yet, but we are getting there.

RAGE ON! And PLUG TIME -- join us at our next Fundraiser, next Thursday night at Red Rock in Red Bank! Live music, drink and app specials, and your $30 donation goes 100% to our Legal Fund. PLEASE COME to celebrate how far we've come and make sure we can pay the bills to finish this out! CLICK HERE: https://www.facebook.com/events/123105944976398